News and research 4 June


Research article in Ecosphere on the rise of technology use in ecology – forecasting ecological research

Research article in Forests on building resistance and resilience in forest regeneration

Research article in Global Environmental Change on the role of strategic spatial planning in urban land-use change

Research article in PLOS ONE on the importance of artificial wetlands for birds

Research article The Royal Society Open Science on testing the hypothesis of whether fires result in more biodiversity

Discussion article in The Conversation on conservation fences – from extraordinary success to troubling pattern

Research article in Science on the hidden biodiversity of amphibian pathogens

Discussion article in Anthropocene on current climate mitigation pledges will leave half of the world’s insects at risk

Discussion article by The Environment Institute on the history of Australia’s vegetation and implications for future flora as the climate changes

Opinion article in The Guardian on the decades of law making that’s given the environment a death sentence

Discussion article in PLOG blogs on prioritising conservation practices with limited funds

Research article in Basic and Applied Ecology on research trends in ecosystem services provided by insects

Research article in Ecology and Evolution on short‐term response of a declining woodland bird assemblage to the removal of a despotic competitor

Research article in the Conservation Letters on seagrass meadows supporting global fisheries production

Research article in the Diversity and Distributions on large scale land-use change could reduce future negative impacts of climate change

Research article in the Hydrology and Earth System Sciences on an application of a global-scale groundwater model for water table estimation – lessons from New Zealand

Discussion article in The Conversation on the important, yet under-appreciated role of crowdfunding in biodiversity conservation

Research article in the Land Use Policy on the local costs of biodiversity offsets – comparing standards, policy and practice

Research article in Geography and Environment on opportunities for biodiversity conservation as cities adapt to climate change

Research article in BioScience on a global mitigation hierarchy for nature conservation

Research article in Restoration Ecology on biodiversity benefits of vegetation restoration being undermined by livestock grazing

Research article in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on the biomass distribution on Earth

Free e-book Groundwater Around The World – the book presents a unique and up-to-date summary of what is known about groundwater on our planet, from a global perspective and in terms of area-specific factual information

Research article in Science on pesticide resistance – addressing the ecological, genetic, economic and socio-political factors preventing sustainable pest management

Discussion article in Anthropocene on the importance of seagrass to the survival of one-fifth of the world’s biggest fisheries

Discussion article in Australia’s Science Channel on the need to include Indigenous voices in Australian water management