News and research 3 April


The latest Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network newsletter has just been released including articles on Australia’s newest globally consistent ecosystem map, and forecasting nature just as we forecast the weather

Research article in PLOS ONE on a case study to determine if invasive plants really threaten river bank vegetation

Discussion article by the Ecological Society of Australia on dingo management may have reduced the species’ distribution and disrupted its social structure, potentially accelerating the demise of this species through cross-breeding with the feral domestic dog

Discussion article in The Conversation discussing how we know how food production needs to change if crisis is to be avoided – so why isn’t this happening?

Research article in Land Use Policy on the impact of land fragmentation on production diversification of farms

Research article in PLOS ONE on getting reliable models of rare marine species using limited sightings

Research article in Royal Society Open Science on rewilding the world’s large carnivores

Research article in Hydrology and Earth Systems Science on Using hydraulic head, chloride and electrical conductivity data to distinguish between mountain-front and mountain-block recharge to Mt Lofty Ranges basin aquifers

Research article in Veterinary Science on Pathological Features of Oxalate Nephrosis in Mt Lofty Ranges koala populations

Research article in Ecosphere on positive severity feedback between consecutive fires in dry eucalypt forests of southern Australia

Research article in Conservation Biology on roles for scientific societies to engage with conservation policy

Research article in PLOS ONE on scaling participation in payments for ecosystem services programs

Research article in Zootaxa on total evidence analysis of the phylogenetic relationships of bandicoots and bilbies

Research article in Biodiversity and Conservation on key drivers of effectiveness in small marine protected areas

Research article in Nature Scientific Reports on a state-space modelling approach to wildlife monitoring with application to flying-fox abundance

Research article in Forests on improving fire behaviour data obtained from wildfires

Discussion article in Anthropocene on how cities are creating their own weather that may intensify with climate change

Discussion article in Australia’s Science Channel on tracking the elusive echidna with citizen science – Echidna CSI project by the University of Adelaide

Discussion article in Conservation Bytes on overfishing and climate extremes are creating ecological traps for marine species – study of the jackass penguin

Discussion article in The Conversation on preserving trees in cities using tree bonds