News and research 29 January


Discussion article in Australia’s Science Channel on the use of hydroacoustics to estimate fish density and biomass

Discussion article in Remember the Wild on bridging the gap between research, policy and practice for sustainability

Research article in Biology Conservation on remote electronic monitoring in small-scale fisheries

Research article in Conservation Letters on how evolutionary diversity in animals can be applied to a policy-ready conservation planning problem

Discussion article in The Conversation on the moral value of the wilderness

Research article in Ecology and Evolution on the ecological consequences of an invasive species across the freshwater-marine transition

Research article in Ecosphere on microbes exhibiting pharmaceutical resistance in urban streams

Research article in Nature Scientific Reports on the response of brush tailed possums to livestock grazing being habitat dependant

Research article in Forests on adaptation to climate change in forestry

Research article in Hydrology and Earth System Sciences on an alternative approach for socio-hydrology – case study research

Research article in the Journal of Applied Ecology on prioritising sites for ecological restoration based on ecosystem services

Research article in Land Use Policy on bridging the funding gapes for climate and sustainable development: pitfalls, progress and potential of private finance

Research article in Conservation Letters on the challenges of sourcing and interpreting historical data for conservation

Research article in Earth System Dynamics on towards representing human behavior and decision making in Earth system models – an overview of techniques and approaches

Research article in Theoretical Ecology on ocean zoning within a sparing versus sharing framework

Discussion article in American Geophysical Union on stored heat released from oceans being responsible for recent streak of record hot years

A new book on Oceanography and Marine Biology has a few chapters that are open access

Research article in PLOS One on identifying species from the air: UAVs and the very high resolution challenge for plant conservation

Research article in Nature Sustainability on the many meanings of no net loss in environmental policy

Research article in Diversity and Distributions on Consequences of impediments to animal movements at different scales – a conceptual framework and review

Research article in Biological Conservation on assessing and managing risk for long-lived pelagic seabirds

Research article in Nature Sustainability on water competition between cities and agriculture driven by climate change and urban growth

Research article in BioScience on using smartphone technologies to investigate the impact of nature on mental well-being in real time

Research article in Perspectives in Ecology and Conservation on the threat of marine seismic surveys on marine biodiversity worldwide

Research article in Conservation Letters on the relative benefits of protected area network expansion and enforcement for the conservation of an exploited species