News and research 28 May


Research article in PLOS ONE on an ecological approach to the study of auction and bilateral markets

Research article in Ecological Economics on how payment for environmental services programs interact with farmers’ existing motivations to conserve

Research article in Ecosphere on modelling the connectivity between natural and human systems in lakes – from concept to practice to policy

Research article in Hydrology and Earth Systems Science on long-term temporal trajectories to enhance restoration efficiency and sustainability on large rivers

Research article in PLOS ONE on predicting nonpoint stormwater runoff quality from land use

Research article in Forests on chainsaw-carved cavities better mimic the thermal properties of natural tree hollows than nest boxes and log hollows

Discussion article in Anthropocene on tourism now making up 8% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions

Discussion article in Australia’s Science Channel on Aussie farmers not prepared for the high-tech future of agriculture

Research article in Ecosphere on alternative methodological approaches to relating species richness to the structure of continuous landscapes

Discussion article in Biodiversity Revolution on the six knowledge gaps that are preventing the restoration of degraded ecosystems

Opinion article in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on the importance of reproducibility failures to scientific inquiry

Research article in Biological Conservation on urban biodiversities – can urban and peri-urban landscapes support viable populations of species?

Research article in Biological Conservation on estimating wildlife numbers – a comparison between aerial surveys and distance sampling with implications for citizen science

Research article in Hydrology and Earth Systems Science on predicting groundwater recharge for varying land cover and climate conditions – a global meta-study

Research article in Conservation Biology on adapting the bioblitz to meet conservation needs

Research article in Conservation Letters on major barriers and solutions to evidence-based conservation policy

Discussion article in The Conversation that uses new environmental reconstructions, voyage simulations, and genetic population estimates to show for the first time that colonisation of Australia by 50,000 years ago was achieved by a globally significant phase of purposeful and coordinated marine voyaging

Research article in Biological Conservation on conservation conflicts – behavioural threats, frames, and intervention recommendations

Research article in Environmental Research Letters on integrated human-earth system modeling – state of the science and future directions

The CRC for Water Sensitive Cities has released an infographic- Water’s Role in Liveability– to show councils how combining water management with urban planning can make communities more liveable

Research article in the Diversity and Distributions on the role of climate, water and biotic interactions in shaping biodiversity patterns in arid environments

Research article in the Ecology and Evolution on a review of the impacts of climate change on coral reefs, focusing on the interactions between climate change factors and anthropogenic stressors

Research article in the Journal of Urban Ecology on roadkill scavenging behaviour in an urban environment

Research article in Ecology Letters on species–area relationships and biodiversity loss in fragmented landscapes

Research article in The Proceedings of the Royal Society on genetic diversity and drivers of dwarfism in extinct island emu populations