News and research 25 June


Discussion article in Anthropocene on the hidden complexity when using global temperatures as a metric for climate change

Discussion article in Nature on technology and satellite companies opening up vast amounts of global data

Research article in the Journal of Applied Ecology on Management of multiple threats achieves meaningful koala conservation outcomes

Discussion article in PLOS Blogs on a guide to writing a killer scientific abstract

Discussion article in Prof Andy Lowe blog on the conservation balancing act – publishing locations of rare species without threatening their survival

Latest Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network newsletter including articles on a national mangrove observing system and an update on new funding arrangements

Research article in Conservation Letters on management strategies to minimise coastal development impacts on fish and fisheries

Research article in Ecology and Evolution on using machine learning in vegetation mapping – the impact of ecological redundancy

Discussion article in The Conversation on the need for Australia to embrace transformation for a sustainable future

Research article in Ecosphere on the nursing effect of adult trees to help juveniles survive droughts – impacts for forest regeneration

Discussion article in the Australasian Journal of Environmental Management on that assesses Australia’s capability in environmental research

Research article in Environmental Research Letters on a worldwide evaluation of mean and extreme runoff from six global-scale hydrological models that account for human impacts

Research article in Climate Services on what causes climate change – does it matter if the public think its human’s fault?

Discussion article in Ecology is not a dirty word on the need to sample pollinators when the weather is extreme, and not just when it suits us

Research article in Environmental Research Letters on integrating research on human and Earth systems – state of the science and future directions

Research article in Global Ecology and Conservation on the impact of human activities on ecosystem services as seen through the eyes community focus groups

Research article in Global Ecology and Conservation on the worrying trend of declining field work research published in conservation studies

Discussion article in The Conversation on animals around the world becoming nocturnal to protect themselves from us

Research article in Hydrology and Earth System Sciences on impacts of changing hydrology on gully growth

Research article in PLOS ONE on wildlife that don’t follow simple diurnal-nocturnal activity patterns – what are ecologists missing?

Research article in Science Advances on carbon dioxide storage offset by methane emissions in mangroves