News and research 18 June


Research article in the Journal of Applied Ecology on The CarP-N project – removal, processing and reuse on invasive fish

Blog post by the University of Cambridge on the three most dangerous narratives in conservation

Research article in PLOS One on elucidating biogeographical patterns in Australian native dogs using genome wide SNPs

Discussion article in ABC News Rural on breeding climate-friendly sheep – New Zealand researchers have bred a sheep that produces 10% less methane

Discussion article in Anthropocene on keeping vacant city lots full of biodiversity – tips to getting local residents on board

Discussion article in Conservation Bytes on how remoting uncertainty in scientific data can sow doubt about the science of climate change – guidelines to effective climate change communication

Discussion article in Ecology is not a dirty word on the value of ecosystem services as a communication, evaluation and framing tool to promote nature conservation

Discussion article in The Conversation on Australia’s reliance on volunteers to monitored threatened species

Research article in Diversity and Distributions on habitat forming species – both their loss and substitution can cause biodiversity loss

Research article in Conservation Letters on managing invasive species using slow treatment processes

Research article in Environmental Science & Policy on how corporations perceive the credibility of various climate policies

Research article in Hydrology and Earth System Sciences on recent trends of groundwater temperatures – the influence of atmospheric warming

Research article in Environmental Research Letters on comparing impacts of climate change and mitigation on global agriculture by 2050

Discussion article in Inspiring South Australia on the thousands of citizen scientists that have contributed to the Echidna CSI project

Research article in Land Use Policy on how persistence myths about natural resources use and social equity misinform governance on land use

Research article in Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies on managing transboundary groundwater aquifers – the role of joint frameworks and assessments

Discussion article in The Conversation on the efficacy of conservation fences in Australia

Discussion article in Pannell Discussions on ADOPT – a new tool from CSIRO to predict how farmers will respond to new practices or technologies

Research article in Global Ecology and Conservation on using soil indicators to evaluate plant diversity

Research article in PLOS ONE on predicting levels of visitor disturbance in protected areas

Research article in the Lancet Planetary Health on availability, use of, and satisfaction with green space, and children’s mental wellbeing at age 4 years in a multicultural, deprived, urban area