News and research 16 April


Research from the CRC for Water Sensitive Cities on using stormwater to irrigate the flight strips to maintain appropriate vegetative cover and to assess the possibility of expanding irrigation to the large buffers around Adelaide airport

Research article in Ecology on increasing connectivity between metapopulation ecology and landscape ecology

Research article in Conservation Letters on the spatial context of “winning” in MPA network design – location matters

Research article in Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution on wildlife warning reflectors’ potential to mitigate wildlife-vehicle collisions – a review on the evaluation methods

Research article in Ecosystem Services on ecosystem services as a post-normal field of science

Research article in Ecology on how temperature and aridity regulate spatial variability of soil multifunctionality in drylands across the globe

Research article in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on land use strategies to mitigate climate change in carbon dense temperate forests

Research article in PLOS One on does scale matter – a systematic review of incorporating biological realism when predicting changes in species distributions

Research article in Hydrology and Earth Systems Science on the increase in flood risk resulting from climate change in a developed urban watershed – the role of storm temporal patterns

Research article in Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution on a review of the factors that determine whether stormwater ponds are ecological traps and/or high-quality breeding sites for amphibians

Research article in Nature Scientific Reports on detection and characterisation of coronaviruses in migratory and non-migratory Australian wild birds

Research article in PLOS One on comparing the cost effectiveness of nature-based and coastal adaptation

Research article in Environmental Research Letters on avoided economic impacts of energy demand changes by 1.5 and 2 °C climate stabilization

Research article in Nature Communications on two-thirds of global cropland area impacted by climate oscillations

Research article in Freshwater Biology on basin‐scale environmental water delivery in the Murray–Darling, Australia – a hydrological perspective

Discussion article in The Conversation on Australia’s 2017 environment scorecard and how high temperatures further stress our ecosystems

The Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services has just released its to four regional assessments showing that Biodiversity continues to decline across the globe, threatening livelihoods, food security, economies and quality of life

Research article in Nature Scientific Reports, by University of Adelaide researchers, on how ocean acidification attracts larval fish to irrelevant environmental cues

Blog post by Prof Joern Fischer on inspiration and theft of good ideas in research

Research article in Nature Ecology and Evolution on preventing perverse outcomes from global protected area policy