News and research 28 August 2017


Research article in Marine and Freshwater Research on non-stationarity of low flows and their relevance to river modelling during drought periods

Research article in Ecosphere on improving river dolphin monitoring using aerial surveys

Research article in Biological Conservation on contribution of citizen science towards international biodiversity monitoring

The UK Government has just released a report into ecosystem accounts for freshwater, farmland and woodland areas

New report from the CRC for Water Sensitive Cities on the collective insights from a suite of research projects exploring how to advance the institutional and practical mainstreaming of sustainable urban stormwater water systems in Australia

Research article in Environmental Evidence on evidence maps and evidence gaps – evidence review mapping as a method for collating and appraising evidence reviews to inform research and policy

Research article in PLOS One on automatic jargon identifier for scientists engaging with the public and science communication educators

Research article in Policy and Society on wicked tendencies in policy problems – rethinking the distinction between social and technical problems

Research article in Conservation Biology on scaling range sizes to threats for robust predictions of risks to biodiversity

Research article in Hydrology and Earth Systems Sciences on the future of Earth observation in hydrology

Research article in Diversity and Distributions on an island view of endemic rarity – environmental drivers and consequences for nature conservation

Research article in Conservation Letters on a global review of social indicators used in protected area management evaluation

Research article in Marine and Freshwater Research on where technology meets ecology – acoustic telemetry in contemporary Australian aquatic research and management

Research article in PLOS One on community and government managed marine protected areas increasing fish size, biomass and potential value

Discussion article in Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment on what values should we use for biodiversity conservation

CSIRO blog post on mapping fireprone areas before the fires

Research article in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on putting fossils to work in hopes of ecological restoration

Article in The Conversation on capturing the true wealth of Australia’s waste

Research article in Nature Ecology and Evolution on the pernicious problem of evidence complacency, illustrated here through conservation policy and practice, results in poor practice and inefficiencies

Discussion article in Nature on how mixing artificial intelligence with climate science helps researchers to identify previously unknown atmospheric processes and rank climate models

Blog post by Prof Joern Fischer on care, knowledge and agency as a basic for ecosystem stewardship

Related discussion article on a recent gathering in Stockholm that brought together academic, artistic, and practitioner communities to discuss the latest in resilience research, and what might be next

Discussion article in The Conversation on seaweed’s enormous potential to reduce greenhouse gases and draw CO₂ out of the atmosphere

Research article in Ecology and Society on enacting resilience for adaptive water governance – a case study of irrigation modernisation in an Australian catchment