News and research 18 December


Research article in Ocean and Coastal Management on that set out to understand how accessible, or inaccessible, science was to different end users in marine management, particularly to people not based in research organizations

Research article in the Journal of Urban Ecology on socio-economic-driven differences in bird-feeding practices exacerbate existing inequities in opportunities to see native birds in cities

Research article in Ecosphere on mitigating climate change through adaptation: the effect of diverse forests

Research article in the Journal of Ecology on using evolutionary ideas to improve understanding of global patterns in plant traits

Discussion article in Nature on great mentoring being the key for the next generation of scientists

Research article in Ecosystem Services on the economic viability of national-scale forestation programs – a successful case study from Korea

Research article in Frontiers in Ecology and evolution on improving invasive species management by engaging early with stakeholders

Research article in Global Environmental Change on a case study of a forestry where business-as-usual remains the logical choice to adapt to climate change

Research article in Conservation Letters on shining a light on seafood mislabelling through respectful debate

Research article in Hydrology and Earth System Sciences on a 10 year field trial that assess the effect of cover cropping on soil properties in agricultural systems

Research article PLOS One on biodiversity conservation values of fragment forests, managed by indigenous people

Research article in the Journal of Environmental Management on application of natural resource valuation concepts for development of sustainable remediation plans for groundwater

Research article Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on ecosystem management and land conservation can substantially contribute to climate mitigation goals – case study from California

Research article in the Transactions of the Royal Society of South Australia on putting the ‘river’ back in the Lower River Murray: quantifying the hydraulic impact of river regulation to guide ecological restoration

Research article in Hydrology and Earth System Sciences on the importance of considering riparian vegetation for the long-term efficiency of environmental flows in aquatic habitats

Research article in Nature Communications on the social cost of carbon in the agricultural sector

Research article in the Journal of Ecology on the extinction of the single-authored paper – the causes and consequences of increasingly collaborative applied ecological research

Discussion article in Nature on the groundbreaking Australian Murray-Darling water agreement in peril

Discussion article in Anthropocene on how automated vehicles could save millions of animals

Research article in Hydrology and Earth System Sciences on how and why surface water expands and contracts in response to climate change

Discussion article in The Conversation on how universities are spending millions on accessing results of publicly funded research

Research article in The Rangeland Journal on invasive species and their impacts on agri-ecosystems: issues and solutions for restoring ecosystem processes

Research article in Conservation Letters on the growing interest in payment-based incentives as a policy tool to elicit pro-conservation behaviour

Research article in Ecology and Evolution on Ecobat: an online resource to facilitate transparent, evidence-based interpretation of bat activity data

Research article in Ecosphere on the concept of ecological surprise – the unanticipated behaviour in ecological systems due to human impacts