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August 2017

Presentation: A recent history of evaluation in NRM in South Australia

22 August, 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

What goes around comes around: a recent history of evaluation in natural resources management in SA. Lessons, gaps and opportunities. Twenty years ago, SA introduced new legislation and levees for catchment water management (Water Resources Act, SA 1997) and later management of natural resources generally (Natural Resources Management Act, SA 2004). Regional boards were established and still operate – managing natural resources using funds from locally-raised levees, Federal and State programs and industry partnerships. Building on international good practice examples from Canada and the USA, as well as carefully selected behavioural and organisational change theories, the regulations introduced 20 years ago included requirements to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of NRM programs and policies implemented at the state, regional and local levels.This presentation leads the audience through a rapid appraisal of how the good intentions of 20 years ago have been realised in practice.

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Adelaide’s Desalination Plant: Implications for the marine ecosystem – Myths and Facts with Tim Kildea, SA Water

24 August, 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Inkarni Wardli Building,
University of Adelaide, North Tce Campus

Desalination has come to the fore in Australia as a means of “water proofing” Australian coastal cities against drought. The construction of large desalination plants along the coast has generated considerable public debate, with questions raised by the community about the potential impacts of these plants on the local environment. In a recent review of the impacts associated with desalination plants, it was noted that the greater proportion of published information was descriptive and provided little quantitative data that could be assessed independently. In Australia, a large number of detailed monitoring studies have been developed to assess the environmental performance of seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) desalination plants. These studies have provided a substantial volume of information, which in general is lost in the grey literature of internal reports to regulatory bodies. The presentation will discuss some of the “known knowns and the known unknowns” of marine discharges associated with the operation of a SWRO desalination plant based on experiences acquired from the construction and operation of the Adelaide Desalination Plant. Contact Bob Newman 0439 821 742

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September 2017

2017 SA Community Landcare Conference

11 September - 13 September
Clare Country Club,
Clare Valley, SA Australia

The Conference will include the 2017 State Landcare Award presentations.

With the theme of Celebrating Innovation and Diversity in Landcare, the Conference will showcase Landcare and natural resources programmes from across South Australia. As in 2015, the Conference will include keynote presentations by national, state, regional and local leaders in Landcare and natural resources management. It will bring together Landcarers from across South Australia to network with peers, share experiences and ideas, acknowledge the huge achievements of the Landcare community and inspire Landcarers to continue their valuable work.

Through keynote addresses, presented papers, workshops and field tours the Conference will explore innovation and diversity in Landcare in four key streams of engagement | security | enterprise | partnerships. These streams will integrate and address Landcare themes of Biodiversity Management and Conservation, Aboriginal Land Management, Coastal Management and Sustainable Farming and Fishing.

Conference delegates are also invited to experience landcare and natural resource management in the Northern and Yorke NRM Region, through five field tours to local sites and projects.

Lecture – Replenish: A philosophy, a cause and action

28 September, 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm
Hilton International,
Victoria Square

Dr Tia Kansara Future City sustainability evangelist & entrepreneur. We have long regarded Gross Domestic Product, as the measure of progress, ecosystem engineer Dr Tia Kansara proposes we measure success not just by what we generate, but what we RE-generate. She has devised the World’s Replenish Index, a circular economy initiative to eliminate anthropogenic environmental degradation by incentivising innovations that have a positive, replenishing impact on our ecosystem.

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October 2017

Lecture: Climate Change and Australian Groundwater: Current state of knowledge and future responses

5 October, 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm
Flinders University City Campus, Victoria Square

With Dr Glen Walker, NCGRT / IAH 2017 Distinguished Lecturer. The climate shift in south-western Western Australia and the Millennium Drought has highlighted the need to better understand how water resources will be affected by changing climate across Australia. Australia has long experience with managing water resources in a variable climate. This, together with the Water Reform has meant that Australia is well placed, compared to other countries, to meet the challenges to groundwater management.

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February 2018

Australian Citizen Science Conference

February 7, 2018
UniSA City – West Campus,
North Tce
Adelaide, SA Australia

Save the date for the next Australian Citizen Science Conference.

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