National Environmental Science Program connections


The National Environmental Science Program (NESP) is a long-term (2015–2021) commitment by the Australian Government to environment and climate research. NESP projects deliver collaborative, practical and applied research to inform decision making and on-ground action. The scope of the National Environmental Science Program (NESP) is to deliver applied environmental science, particularly focused on biodiversity and climate systems research. Recent outcomes / reports from the NESP research hubs include:

  • The Threatened Species Research Hub project is, for the first time in Australia, developing an index to facilitate monitoring and reporting at a national level on overall trends for threatened species or key groups, such as birds.
  • The Marine Biodiversity Research Hub has a project distilling knowledge of shellfish reefs and saltmarshes, their distribution and ecology, to articulate the environmental, social and economic benefits of conservation and repair, as well as to provide practical guidance for repair.
  • The Earth Systems and Climate Change Hub is undertaking research to help businesses understand potential climate-related risks and analyse their exposure if they are to disclose and address these risks.

For further information about these projects or how to connect with any of the NESP programs, please contact Dan Rogers ( or Jennie Fluin (