Upcoming Events

  • Making Groundwater Visible: BOM webinar

    In this webinar we show you how the Bureau’s Groundwater Information Suite improves the visibility of this vital resource using comprehensive, nationally consistent groundwater information from across Australia. Groundwater is a major source of water for many urban and rural communities, as well as industry and agriculture—in some places it is the only source. Groundwater also sustains many rivers and wetlands in dry periods. As a largely hidden resource, it is much harder to measure.

  • Australian Marine Science Association Canyons to Coast Conference

    This conference seeks to progress our scientific understanding by shifting the perspective deeper to the interconnectedness between the coast and deep sea.

  • Research Tuesdays: Thought for Food

    Food and wine is big business in South Australia. We account for 80% of Australia’s premium wine exports and over half our state’s exports are agricultural products. Couple this with exceptional quality and it’s no surprise our produce is world-renowned. In this presentation you’ll hear how we’re:

    • helping farmers accurately measure produce quality in real time, using next-generation lasers;
    • establishing benchmark data for best-practice bush-foods farming; and
    • helping winemakers incorporate culturally appealing additives without sacrificing taste