Upcoming Events

  • Webinar: Next generation irrigation management

    Using big data and technology to advance precision irrigation practices. A global water crisis is predicted. Indeed, some believe it has already arrived. Either way, we need to get smarter about how we use our water. Traditional irrigation practices are inevitably wasteful of water. SWAN Systems utilises technology, data from a range of sources, and scientifically rigorous modelling to predict the upcoming water requirements of irrigated crops. Such precise management of water application ensures that plants receive the right amount of water, when it is needed, without waste.

  • Goyder Institute for Water Research Water Forum

    The event will showcase SA’s water expertise across a range of disciplines and sectors, while celebrating the exceptional achievements of the Goyder Institute for Water Research.

  • Course: R Adelaide

    R is a statistical modelling software used by ecologists and water modellers.

    The University of Adelaide’s Bioinformatics Hub is offering a three-day course aimed at beginner to intermediate-level R users. While the focus will be applications to a wide variety of biological data, people outside of this field will still gain many valuable skills.

    Please note, you will require your own laptop/tablet running R and R Studio. Access to a Windows Desktop using ADAPT will be a potential alternative if your computer is not suitable. A package installation script will be sent prior to the workshop to ensure all installations have the required packages.