Upcoming Events

  • Australian Rangeland Society 19th Biennial Conference in Port Augusta

    The conference theme is “transition to transformation”. Delegates will share their ideas and experience of the challenges and opportunities facing our rangeland environments, industries and communities during a time of significant change.

  • Lecture – Replenish: A philosophy, a cause and action

    Dr Tia Kansara Future City sustainability evangelist & entrepreneur. We have long regarded Gross Domestic Product, as the measure of progress, ecosystem engineer Dr Tia Kansara proposes we measure success not just by what we generate, but what we RE-generate. She has devised the World’s Replenish Index, a circular economy initiative to eliminate anthropogenic environmental degradation by incentivising innovations that have a positive, replenishing impact on our ecosystem.

  • Seminar: River Murray Floodplain Ecology

    Environmental Works and Measures together with recent natural flow events have initiated a recovery of the Murray – what responses have been observed and are expected? The seminar focuses on the monitoring of the responses of the floodplain, wetlands and instream river conditions following the recent high river (95,000 ML/d December 2016) and the earlier managed floodplain inundations and weir pool manipulations . A panel of expert speakers will present an analysis of the results. Details: matt.gibbs@sa.gov.au